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Updates to College Admission Testing – SAT, ACT, and PSAT – 2015

The new version of the PSAT will arrive in October of 2015.

It will probable be about 35 minutes longer than the 2014 version.
It will consist of sections in Evidence based reading and writing tests
A language test and math test.
Only correct answers will be scored; no penalty for incorrect choices.
There will be sub scores for each test meant to pinpoint student’s strengths and weaknesses.

In the fall of 2015 the new version of the ACT will be given.
There will be just a few changes from the present version.
Scoring will be the same 1-36
Points for correct answers only.

A new type of reading selection is comparing information from pared passages.
This type of passage has been part of the SAT.
The math section may include more questions involving statistics and probability.

There will be new supplemental scores including STEM and state assessment scores reflecting influences of common core standards.

THE BIG REVEAL will be the revised SAT in the spring of 2016.
It will include 5 long sections: writing and language, reading, 2 math sections and an optional essay.
The test, including essay, will be 3 hrs & 50 minutes.
Scoring will include evidence based reading & writing 200-800
Math 200-800
The essay will be scored separately.

On here English and writing section, students will be asked to revise and edit writing selections. Questions will cover: grammar and usage, punctuation, logical structure and rhetoric .

Math will include pre algebra through trigonometry with an emphasis on algebra.
One section will be done without calculators, 12 grid in questions and one extended thinking question.

The reading test will include four long passages and one pared passage.
Two passages may include charts and graphs; one will be a US “founding document”

The essay portion will ask students to analyze a passage and evaluate the author’s reasoning and rhetoric.

This is the information we have so far and is subject to change.

It’s best to plan early for the journey to college and remember that the journey can be exciting.

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