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General Info

Download Complete List of Summer Classes (K-12)

Elementary Registration Forms (Grades K-5) – Summer

Elementary – Grace United Methodist Church – Summer 2014

Elementary – Zion Lutheran Church – Summer 2014

Secondary Registration Forms (Grades 6-12) – Summer

Secondary – Grace United Methodist Church – Summer 2014

Secondary – Zion Lutheran Church – Summer 2014

Did you know that many children can lose up to 1/3 of their grade-level abilities over the summer?  We provide a variety of opportunities to keep your child sharp and ready to hit the ground running in the fall.

Summer Skills Clinic - General Information K-12

Two locations:

Grace United Methodist Church at 300 E. Gartner – Classes in a.m.

Zion Lutheran Church at 111th and Book Rd. – Classes in p.m.

June, July, August Class Options

  • 4 week block on T,W,Th, 1 hr. per day – June 10-July 3 – Tuition $400
  • Mornings at Grace United Methodist Church, 300 E. Gartner Rd., Naperville
  • Afternoons at Zion Lutheran Church, 111th and Book Rd., Naperville
  • One week Half-Day Camps – July 7-11 at Grace or July 14-18 at Zion  Tuition $300
  • One week July / August Workshops – August 5-9 at Zion or August 12-16 at Grace  Tuition $150
  • Private tutoring available on a flexible schedule all summer, a.m. or p.m., any subject
  • Private tutoring available for college students
  • Diagnostic testing available

Scroll below to read descriptions of our elementary and secondary classes or click on the link below to read general information and a summary of each of our classes.

General Information and Summary of Summer Classes 2014

How to Register –To register, download a summer registration form for elementary (Gr. K-5) or secondary (Gr. 6-12) students and mail with a $50 nonrefundable deposit for each class for which you register.  Deposit applies toward tuition.  You will receive a written confirmation the first week of June.

Click on a link to learn more about our private or semi-private tutoring, workshops, and schedules.

-Summer Clinics


-Half-Day Camps

  • Pirates and Princesses Camp – Gr. 2
  • Chocolate Camp – Gr. 3-4
  • Mysteries Camp – Gr. 5
  • Math Camp – Gr. 6-8 and Gr. 9-12
  • Reading Comprehension/Fluency Camp – Gr. 6-8 and Gr. 9-12
  • Strategic Study Skills Camp – Gr. 6-8 and Gr. 9-12


-Back to School Workshops


Summary of Classes

Semi-Private Instruction K-12 – An individualized program with a maximum of 2 students which can include any subject or combination of subjects. Input from parent and teacher if appropriate helps determine goals for each student. A lesson plan sheet gives parents daily communication including daily homework assignments and material covered in class each day. Students are matched by skill level when possible, but not necessarily by grade level. Study skills are emphasized. A great way to make gains over the summer in any subject! Homework may be sent for vacation days. Available during our 4 week block only – 1 hr class T, W, Th, June 10-July 3. No class July 4. Tuition – $400

Private Tutoring K-12 – As described above except with flexible scheduling throughout the summer. You tell us how many sessions you want, and that’s what you’ll get. Vacationing in the middle of our 6-week block? Then this is for you. Tuition is $50/hr with $25 materials.

Elementary Workshops – Incoming Grades K-5

First Grade Prep – For incoming 1st graders to focus on reading, math and language skills including multi-sensory instruction on phonics, listening skills and following directions. Offered during our 4 week block or by private tutoring. 2 students max. 1 hr class T, W, Th, June 10-July 3. Tuition – $400

 1/2 day Camps

2nd Gr. – Pirates and Princesses Camp

3rd-4th Gr. – Chocolate Camp

5th Gr. – Mysteries Camp

Students will work on reading, writing, and math activities around a theme. Skill instruction and homework each day. Fun, interactive one week class, 9-noon. Maximum group of 5. Separate classes for students entering grades 2, 3-4, or 5, so siblings can come at the same time. M-F July 7-11 at Grace United Methodist Church or July 14-18 at Zion Lutheran Church. Tuition $300.

Phonics is Phun – One week workshop for Grades 2-4. Stop the guessing habit by improving phonemic awareness, decoding, and spelling through direct instruction, games and activities. Improve word attack skills for reading, writing and spelling. Parents visit for part of a session to learn techniques to use at home. 11⁄2 hour class, maximum 5 students, July 28-August 1 at Grace in the morning or at Zion in the afternoon.  Tuition – $225

Study Skills Workshop Gr. 4-5 – One week workshop for incoming Grades 4-5. Focus on improving organizational skills, learn how to study a chapter, improve note-taking skills and outlining, learn strategies for test taking and lots of homework tips. A great way to prepare for a positive start in the fall! 1 hr class, maximum 10 students, July 28 – August 1 at Grace in the morning or at Zion in the afternoon. Tuition – $150

August Brush Up – One week workshop for only incoming Grades 1 -5 offered in August. Classes meet by grade level for a crash review of last year’s skills and a preview of this year’s skills. Great way to build confidence for a successful school start! Practice reading & writing (1 hour) and/or math (1 hour).  Maximum 5 students,  August 4-8 at Zion or Aug. 11-15 at Grace. Tuition – $150

Need a private brush up in August? Just ask!

Secondary Workshops – Incoming Grades 6-12

Jr. High or High School Math Review- High School students will prepare for Algebra I or II, Geometry, Trig, or Calculus. Jr High students review and prepare for their next math class. Strengthen math skills and preview what is coming up next year! Offered only during our 4-week block or by private tutoring. 1 hr class. T, W, Th,  June 10-July 3. Tuition – $400

Jr. High or H.S. Math Review – This one week class will review math skills to prepare for the upcoming year. Offered in August before school starts to build confidence for a good start in math. You tell us what math you had last year, and we will review and preview your next class. Pretesting required by appointment. Maximum 5 students, Aug. 11-15. Tuition – $150

Jr. High or H.S. 1/2 Day Math Camp  - Focus on fractions, decimals, percents, and problem solving in this one-week workshop offered in July. Review and preview what is coming up this year in math! Offered July 7-11 Tuition – $300.

Jr. High or H.S. 1/2 Day Reading Camp - Boost vocabulary skills with a focus on prefixes, suffixes and root words, homophones, synonyms, antonyms, mnemonics and new vocabulary retention.  Offered July 7-11. Tuition $300.

Reading Comprehension- Gr. 6-12. Increase comprehension for fiction and nonfiction text, build speed through oral fluency drills. 4 weeks, T, W, Th,  June 10-July 3.  Tuition $400.

Speed Reading and Comprehension – for Gr. 6-12. Increase reading speed and improve comprehension in the content areas and in literature. One week workshop or by private tutoring. Offered Aug. 5-9 or Aug. 12-16. Maximum 3 students. Tuition – $130

Strategic Study Skills 1/2 Day Camp New! - Gr. 6-12. Offered  July 21-25 or Aug. 11-15 for one week. Maximize potential for organization, note taking, outlining, test taking, listening skills and success!  Maximum 5 students. Tuition – $300

Study Skills Workshop – Gr. 6-12. Maximize potential for organization, note taking, outlining, test taking, listening skills and success!   Maximum 5 students.  4 weeks, T, W, Th,  June 10-July 3.  Tuition $400.

ACT/SAT/PSAT Prep Group – Two full practice tests, then work on test taking strategies. Improve test taking skills in reading, math, English, vocabulary and writing. Small group with individual coaching in skill areas. Offered June 10-July 3.  Tuition – $400  Private instruction is also offered throughout summer.  

Intensive PSAT Prep – This 1 week workshop will include practice tests, evaluation and skill building activities. Choose to prepare for the Verbal section or the Math section or both. Class is 3 hours long each day for both. Offered August 11-15. Tuition – $300

H.S. Entrance Exam Prep – Prepare for the private high school entrance exam in January. Practice tests, skill coaching and test taking strategies. Wednesdays for 4 weeks, 3 hour class.  Tuition – $300.

Want tutoring for both reading and math? Sign up for private or semi-private instruction.