WSEA Tutoring - Tutoring for K-12 Students

Private / Semi-Private Tutoring – Year Round
Kindergarten - 12th Grade & College

Private and Semi-Private Tutoring

Private and Semi-Private Tutoring

Private Tutoring for Grades K-12

  • All subjects (including AP classes and college)
  • One hour or 45 minute sessions
  • Flexible scheduling during the school year for Secondary Students

Tuition: $50 per hour.

Private or Semi-Private Tutoring for Elementary Students is a two day/week program. If parents want one day/week, then their options are held at Grace on Friday after school or Saturday morning for 1.5 or 2 hour sessions.

Semi-Private Tutoring K-12

  • Semiprivate tutoring – any subject
  • 45 min or 1 hr for elementary students
  • 1 hr session for secondary students

Maximum two students for grades K-5
Maximum three students for grades 6-12

k-5 Tuition: $25 per 45 minute session or $37.50 per 1 hour session
6-12 Tuition: $37.50 per 1 hour session

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