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March 2013

I just wanted you to know that our daughter will graduate from St. Mary’s University in Winona Minnesota in the Spring. From there she will be going into their one year graduate program in Education. She will graduate with a degree in Graphic Design as well as a masters in Art Education! I highly recommend this college to anyone with special needs! (They have a wonderful Special Needs Coordinator!) As well as maintaining a 3.1 gradepoint average, our daughter played 4 years of basketball where she was awarded the All MIAC First Team awards two years in a row, was named player of the week for the whole MIAC conference as well as 2nd runner up for MIAC player of the year! She also was hired by the University to do their graphics for their sports teams!

Please let Mrs. Hurlbut know, that thanks to her patience and tutoring, she is a confident, successful young lady! Also, thank you Camille for patience and time with her throughout her Junior High and High school years!

We are so proud and thank you so much for everything you did to help us get our daughter on the right track!

March 2013


I just wanted you to know that our daughter will graduate from St. Mary’s University in Winona Minnesota in the Spring. From there she will be going into their one year graduate program in Education. She will graduate with a degree in Graphic Design as well as a masters in Art Education! I highly recommend this college to anyone with special needs! (They have a wonderful Special Needs Coordinator!) As well as maintaining a 3.1 gradepoint average, our daughter played 4 years of basketball where she was awarded the All MIAC First Team awards two years in a row, was named player of the week for the whole MIAC conference as well as 2nd runner up for MIAC player of the year! She also was hired by the University to do their graphics for their sports teams!

Please let Mrs. Hurlbutt know, that thanks to her patience and tutoring, our daughter is a confident, successful young lady! Also, thank you Camille for patience and time with her throughout her Junior High and High school years!

We are so proud and thank you so much for everything you did to help us get our daughter on the right track!

February 2013

We recently learned of our son’s acceptance to a local high school, one that he had set his heart on attending. He would characterize it as the “school of his dreams”, which means Camille made dreams come true. Her guidance of our son at every step in the process provided him the knowledge to not only receive the score he needed, but also the confidence to succeed far beyond the target he had in mind. He scored near the top of the class, just months after pre-testing suggested he had a difficult road ahead. Camille helped him navigate that road, and we could not be happier.


February 2013

When we discovered WSEA in the summer of 2006 it was the beginning of our son’s academic successes. Struggling in school from kindergarten through fifth grade impacted our son’s self-esteem; he hated school because every day was a challenge and homework was a nightmare. WSEA taught him organizational skills, note-taking an test-taking skills that had immediate results! Throughout his seven years with WSEA they have provided our son with the appropriate assistance, support and encouragement he needed to become an academic success. He was just accepted to the university of his first choice and we our so very proud of him and grateful to everyone at WSEA.


November 2012

When my daughter was in first grade, she really struggled with reading and math. She was scoring below average among her peers and her confidence was extremely low. A friend recommended WSEA and when I called, Becky was extremely friendly and helpful. She was able to get my daughter into a tutoring session with Mrs. Flood, even though it was the middle of the school year. Mrs. Flood has done an amazing job of keeping my daughter focused and on task — her confidence level has soared! A year and a half later, I am happy to report that she got almost all A’s on her report card, even scoring above average in reading. WSEA has worked wonders for my child, I would highly recommend them to anyone who is struggling with their schoolwork.

Thank you Becky and Ms. Flood.


May 2012

I just wanted to say “Thank You”.  My daughterfrom NNHS Class of 2013, went through your ACT test preparation and raised here score from a composite score of 26 to a 30.  This will enable her to gain admission to the Big Ten school of her choice while getting direct admission to the business school.  She will also now qualify for some very significant academic or merit aid that will help us to make her school choice more affordable.  Thanks for you hard work and dedication and I hope others will be able to benefit like my daughter did.

Best regards,


March 2012

Dear Becky and Camille,

It has been an absolute gift and pleasure to have two of my children receive tutoring from WSEA. From the first phone call with Becky, I was confident that our needs would be satisfied. However, I could not have imagined the ways in which you would surpass my expectations!

WSEA has helped both of my kids to become more organized, efficient, accountable and confident.

As for reading other testimonials, I always wondered how a tutoring center could really have such profound effects on people. I don’t know the exact formula for your magic, but I do know that both of my kids have developed amazing study habits and proactive attitudes toward school!

I love that you not only took the time to find out exactly what the needs of both kids were, but that you and your staff took the time to get to know them as individuals. What I also love is the direct communication (when needed) between myself and WSEA, and your willingness to communicate personally, and directly with their teachers as well.

It is abundantly evident that you truly care about making substantial and positive impacts to each child you work with!

School work and studying for tests are no longer painful, and the independence is a jaw dropping 180 degree change! I have two children with proven success and I credit WSEA for being the backbone of it!

With heartfelt gratitude,


March 2012

Not sure if you remember me but I definitely remember you and WSEA.  I remember when I struggled to complete tests and had a hard time putting essays together.  With the help of WSEA I am now a third year student studying Geography and International Relations at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. I feel like it was only yesterday that I was at SJA and Fenwick working on various prep test courses with you. Things have been going very well in college and I am enjoying every minute. 

I am going to be back home in Chicago this summer and am looking for a summer job. I would love to be involved with an organization that really helped me. 

I am thinking about teaching as a career choice and would think tutoring would be a great experience to have. Thanks for all your help in the past!

A college student

March 2012

My husband and I knew that our daughter, would face some big challenges in school.  Very early on, our daughter was diagnosed with a neurological disorder.  She thankfully has remained healthy, however the disorder left her with some learning difficulties we have had to tackle.

We first came to WSEA when our daughter was about halfway through Kindergarten.  Going into Kindergarten, our daughter was filled with excitement and enthusiasm.  As time went by, she still loved school and her friends, but we could tell her confidence was getting knocked a little as she became aware of how things were just harder for her compared to other kids.  A friend of mine recommended WSEA.  Since we have started it has changed everything.

Ms. Becky has a strong understanding of each child’s educational needs-even if she is not the one tutoring.  They worked with her on her letter writing (still working on that one!), her phonics, as well as her numbers, counting and building a foundation for math skills.

At the end of kindergarten, Ms. Becky strongly recommended our daughter attend the summer skills workshop.  I was hesitant-it seemed like a big commitment right in the middle of those relaxing, carefree weeks!  We did sign up and I believe that was the smartest thing we could have done!  Our daughter not only didn’t backtrack over the summer months, but made real progress.  She came into first grade so much more confident and excited to show her teacher what she can do.  She is doing fantastic.  She has learned the importance of homework, and the discipline that goes with it.  She may always have to work a little harder than the average kid-but now she knows she CAN do it.  Hard to believe she will be in 2nd grade soon.  We will continue with WSEA and we would recommend it to anyone!  

With many thanks!


March 2012

Becky has built confidence in my son! He has an auditory processing disorder, which makes many things very difficult, especially academics. What he hears is not necessarily what he processes, plus the processing is very slow. This creates much frustration for him, over every aspect of his life. He needs a quiet environment to work and a very patient instructor. Becky has been doing a wonderful job with him.

Since he has been seeing her, his math skills have improved immensely. She taught him basic math skills, that he was struggling with at school. She used the Saxon math program instead of Everyday Math, which is what the school taught. He’s much more confident in his own abilities now.

His reading has improved a lot too. Becky took the time to get to know my son and develop a personalized plan. To meet his needs, she pulled information from several programs. His reading ability, vocabulary and comprehension have all improved.

Becky is always encouraging and very positive. My son has confidence now in areas where he had none. He enjoys his one-on-one sessions with Becky.

Thank you WSEA!!

March 2012

It has been a family affair with WSEA. My two oldest daughters enrolled in the high school entrance exam prep class with hopes of attending the catholic high school of their choice. With the expert guidance of Camille Jones, their dream came true. I appreciated Camille’s experience and instruction, in addition to her insights on how to handle the emotional aspect of this experience with our teenagers.

Becky Bewersdorf has guided my son’s reading development since he was in first grade. He has a unique learning disability that has challenged him and all those around him. Becky and his tutor have been patient and relentless in helping him. They have sought out different strategies, worked with his teachers and support staff, been available for conferences, and worked around changing schedules.

As a mother, I think what I have appreciated most has been that they have helped my son progress in his reading skills, while always being mindful of building his confidence and nurturing his positive outlook on learning and his school.


February 2012

Thank you so much for helping me prepare for the ACT. You are by far the best tutor I have had. I learned about the specific details of the ACT that I didn’t even learn in the ACT class at school. Also, I learned the obvious details about it too! You helped me so much, and I am very grateful for having you as my tutor. Thanks again!


October 2011

Thank you Mrs. Bewersdorf for you continued efforts in helping my 3rd grade daughter with her educational challenges and continued support in making her gain strength in areas where she is lacking. It makes me so happy to have you Becky as her tutor because she has really come a long way since the beginning of summer. We’re so glad we found you! She has made such strides in reading from your phonics program and your continued communication to have her work be of importance and completed each time for her tutor class. She has also gained responsibility in your program and has learned the importance of homework and studying. Im just tickled you are communicating with her teacher. It’s such an excellent way to keep my daughter on track (and myself) to know what she is doing in the classroom and where she is lacking strength in areas of subjects specifically as well.

Thank you to Becky for your extra push for me to attend your “Positive Parenting Study Skills” workshop a couple weeks ago. That was a real eye opener for me as a parent to instill study skills NOW for both my daughter and for my 2nd grader!

My gratitude and appreciation to you is recognized and very much valued.

September 2011

Like so many families we moved to Naperville for the schools. Our daughter manages to thrive getting As and Bs even in middle school. However, for my son it has been another story.

From the beginning he could not make the connection between letters and their sounds. He just did not understand the concept of phonics. He had no sense that you could “sound out” a word. Teachers kept on reassuring me that eventually he would “get it.” Despite the fact he was in a reading improvement group in first and second grade, and had attended summer school, and yes I worked with him at home, he did not “get it.”

He loved school. He loved his friends. He loved his teachers. However school work was a chore. At home many nights it became a down right battle. At school he would find it difficult to work independently. He felt overwhelmed and frustrated academically.

During the summer that our son was to enter third grade, I thought I would work with him one on one at home. After all, individual instruction from mom would have to be more effective than a group setting in a classroom. Well I don’t need to tell you how that backfired. (I’m mom — what do I know.)

Luckily I saw Becky’s ad in the Naperville Sun for “Phonics is Fun.” Her class turned out to be the missing piece in my son’s puzzle. Although it was a group setting, it was disciplined and focused. Best of all, my son learned to “attack” words and sound them out. He felt in control. He was proud of his accomplishments.

Since that summer session, my son has been seeing Becky one-on-one twice a week. I feel he has benefited in these ways.

Individual Instruction — My son needed concentrated attention for his situation. We are able to personalize sessions to reinforce what is going on in school We are able to revisit concepts that have not been mastered.

Discipline — Students learn immediately what is expected of them. This was tough to enforce at home with everyday distractions — the phone, the doorbell, the TV, the siblings, the holidays, you know.

Encouragement — My son may grumble going to a session, but he always leaves with a smile on his face. He enjoys the stories; he love the “games.” There is definitely chemistry between teacher and student that works.

Detailed Monthly Reports — Everything that is worked on during the month is spelled out — the progress, the behavior, the “to be worked on.”

Parental Observation — After about two months, I asked Becky if I could sit in on a class. Without hesitation she said of course. I was able to observe that the session moved along purposefully and seamlessly. There were no gaps — no hemming and hawing. I feel I am getting my money’s worth.

Wilson Method — This phonics-based, back to basics approach teaches “word attack” skills empowering students to sound-out words and read them. In our case, this was the “missing link.”

Now don’t get me wrong, we still have a ways to go. Yes, my son would rather play with his friends than do homework. However, unlike any other time in his school “career,” school work is not as daunting. He feels confident. His attention, behavior and grades have improved in school And now he will “read himself to sleep” — even if it is Captain Underpants.

With much gratitude and esteem,

Mary Ann

January 2011

Becky, I am happy to tell you that you made a significant improvement in my son Maverick’s 3rd grade experience at Avery Coonley by tutoring him in reading over that summer that he worked with you. He is doing very well in Language Arts/reading in his new school in Ft. Myers this year as well.

He just spoke about you the other day, and still remembers (fondly) those stickers, and how much he feels he learned from you. He is almost done reading The Hunger Games series (books with 300+ pages– who would’ve thought!), and, while math will always be his first love, I now feel that, with a lot of thanks to you, he is turning into the reader I’d always hoped he could be now in 4th grade. I feel lucky to have met you because you did for me what I could not do for my son, though I read to him every day– which is provide the tools for self-mastery, and gave him the ability to believe he could be good at reading. That is a priceless gift. I clearly think you are the best of the best.

Thank you, Becky, for your amazing gift.

August 2010

Camille Jones and her excellent tutoring staff helped me raise my ACT score 4 points! Before meeting with Mrs. Jones’ tutors, my ACT score was a 29 with a 26 in English, 35 in Math, 27 in Reading, and 27 in Science. After meeting with a tutor, reviewing my first ACT test and pinpointing the areas in which I needed help, I was more confident and relaxed the second time around and received a composite score of 33 with a 33 in English, 36 in Math, 29 in Reading, and 34 in Science. Thank you , Mrs. Jones, for all your help. It really paid off!

Naperville North High School | Class of 2011

May 2010

Mrs. B.,

My son has learned so much with you as his tutor. I have been so impressed with your ability to engage him and have him enjoy learning. His skills and confidence have increased. He even tackled a difficult chapter book this week that I only dreamed about him doing. Amazing! You have been such an important part of my son’s education and I cannot thank you enough for helping him be the best he can be!


April 2010

My son has been with WSEA for a couple of years, he is currently in 7th grade. Getting through to him as to how important his homework is was a painful task at home. He thought it wasn’t important to do the work and to turn in. He also had issues studying for tests. After attending WSEA he is a different student. They have explained to my son and have taught him the importance of being organized and being responsible for his work. He now does all of his homework in a timely manner and turns it in on time. His study habits have turned around and his test scores are improving as we progress. Camille has taken him in and works with my son to ensure he understands what he is doing and how to do the work. Overall he his work habits have improved tremendously. And, my son enjoys going to WSEA, doing his work and is proud of his report card. He is now much more responsible.As a result, my daughter is now at WSEA and they have begun working with her in reading and assisting her in her homework. I hope to see the results as they progress in reading. She truly enjoys attending WSEA and I look forward to more years to come with the programs they have to offer our children.

Thanks so much for all you do~

April 2010

My four children have all greatly benefitted from the help and understanding of Camille Jones and the staff at WSEA. I have 3 boys and one daughter. Camille has worked with all of my boys on test taking, and study skills. She has a unique understanding and respect for all of their differences in personality and learning styles. Camille takes the time to find out what is important to them. All of my boys have made tremendous strides in everything they have worked on, this being largely due to the work they have done with Camille.
My daughter is 11 years old and is cognitively delayed. Camille has taken the time to find out what she needs and finds the right person to work with her, all the while being very involved in her program. This will be the fourth summer that my daughter will spend at WSEA, working on her math and reading skills.
As a parent, I am so grateful to Camille for her patience and understanding. She is always taking the time to listen and offer suggestions that make me think about what is best for my kids. I believe Camille truly cares about not only my kids but all of the kids that come to WSEA.

Mary Pat

April, 2010

From a 5th grader:

I am a fifth grade student and Mrs. B is my tutor. When I first started tutoring with her I was in 2nd grade I wasn’t at a very good reading level.

Then a few years later, when I was in 4th grade I was almost at a 4th grade level in reading and I really loved school and reading. I am just so proud of Mrs. B, Mom, and my Dad for helping me through the hard and difficult times. Also, I am most proud of myself because of all my hard work that has definitely paid off.

From Laura, Mother of 5th grader:

My daughter started with WSEA when she was in second grade after being tested for dyslexia. She was not enjoying school at all due to her struggles in reading, writing, spelling and math. My search began for a tutor that specialized in Dyslexia and was familiar with our school district.
When I met Becky she knew exactly what to do for my daughter. She started her with the Wilson Program for reading and bimonthly contacts with her teachers. My daughter is now at grade level for all subjects and truly enjoys school. The knowledge, experience and patience Becky has with my daughter has truly had a profound effect on her attitude towards learning.

Becky has a gift for tutoring children with a variety of academic difficulties and also a gift for challenging them to become the best student they can be. I can’t even begin to express how grateful we are for WSEA. My daughter is now at grade level and very confident for 6th grade in the fall.

March 2010

When our son started at West Suburban Educational Associates this past January, his self-confidence was at an all time low. He had always struggled with reading and writing, however, the transition from second to third grade had been a difficult one for him. As a result, he dreaded going to school. The school PE teacher even noted that our once happy son was walking in to the building with slumped shoulders. His smile had been replaced by worry, and his positive can-do attitude with doubt. Not surprising his grades dropped, even in the subjects that he had previously done very well in.

We reached out to Becky and the staff at West Suburban for help. Becky took great care in matching our son with his “coach”, with whom he built an instant rapport. Becky even took the time to reach out to our son’s teacher, to be better able to understand his needs and how to best support him. She participated in a meeting at the school that we requested out of concern, and was instrumental in helping us on a journey that has helped us, his teacher and the school to better understand our son’s learning style.

In only a few short months, we have see an unbelievable change. Not only has our son’s confidence soared, but his last report card reflected improvement in every area. Our son, who we used to have to make read, now wants to read all the time. We can’t believe that he wants to read at breakfast, in the car, before bed. I NEVER thought I’d hear him say, “please, just a few more pages.” He even moved up into a higher reading group at school this past week. Talk about a confidence boost! His writing is improving weekly, as is his handwriting. School CBMs in reading and writing from January to March reflect huge gains. His word recognition is now at 20/20. However, most importantly, our son has gained back his confidence, and with that his amazing smile. It is unbelievable how much of an impact the West Suburban staff has made in his life in such a short time.

I have referred many parents to West Suburban, and will continue to do so. Our son will be taking classes this summer, as will our younger son. Both will continue with West Suburban. With such competitive schools that go at such a fast pace, we see such value in ensuring that our children truly understand what they are learning, and can take pride in their own work and effort.

Tell me, I’ll forget
Show me, I’ll remember
Engage me, I’ll understand
Many thanks and smiles!

August 2009

When my son started at West Suburban Educational Associates he was going into second grade and was not able to read. He had memorized a massive amount of words and pretended to read small books. By Christmas time he could read lower level books and by the end of the year he was at grade level and begging me to take him to the library. When we started at WSEA I had never heard of the Wilson program, but I can’t say enough about what it has given my son. We have continued with WSEA through summer and I now send all three of my children and will continue to do so through their educational careers. WSEA has tailored my sons’ sessions to exactly what they need.

I can’t recommend WSEA enough. Not only have they taught my son how to read, they have given him a confidence he never had in the classroom.


April 2009

Good morning Becky ~ I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how pleased we are with my son’s tutoring! Ms. McGarry has really connected with him. He is always eager to go to tutoring; which still surprises me because homework has been such a struggle. As you know, my son who is in 4th Grade was taking ALL afternoon (and evening sometimes) to complete his homework, and now really takes responsibility for it and completes daily homework in less than one hour. This program has given him a lot of confidence and I see progress in the short time we’ve been here! Thank you!


March 2009

My family has had a long and successful relationship with WSEA. In the fall of 2006, my daughter took a class to prepare her to take Benet Academy’s entrance exam. On the first day of class Camille Jones gave the kids a practice test. My daughter failed. 3 months later she took the entrance exam, not only was she accepted she got a 97.9%. WOW. We give much of the credit to Camille and her wonderful staff at WSEA for teaching my daughter how to successfully take standardized tests. My daughter continues to work with the tutors at WSEA for Honors Geometry & Honors Chemistry. Both tutors are kind, patient and thoroughly versed in the subjects they teach. My daughter continues to thrive in school.
I have a second child benefitting from WSEA. He is a nine year old who was struggling in math. He was also having a tough time keeping himself organized. Becky Bewersdorf made contact with my child’s teacher, found out where the holes were and proceeded to fill them. While my son is still a little scattered, he has a much better sense of what is expected of him and he is doing a much better job in math. I am grateful to Becky and her very experienced staff for helping my child realize that he has the potential to have success in school. The increased confidence spills over into every aspect of his life.

I would recommend WSEA to anyone looking to boost their child’s confidence in school.


May, 2008

4th Grade Student:

At Prairie School when I was in the third grade, I went to reading club and Lexia on the computer. Now, I go to tutor. I used to be unhappy with my schoolwork. Now, I’m happy with my schoolwork. I got unhappy when I was pulled out of the classroom. Now, I don’t get pulled out of the classroom. I didn’t like to read! Now I LOVE to read! I’ve done better in school because of one place. I have been doing tutor for one year!

Wilson is what I do at tutor. There are 12 books in Wilson that you have to complete. I’m on Book 10. I can’t wait until Book 12. In each book there are lessons and every lesson has one rule. All the rules help me do better in my spelling and reading. My teacher shows me pictures to remember the spelling and reading rules. Some examples are oily boy, auto law, and loud owl. Some other rules are when there is an “o” at the end of some words to make it plural you add es. If there is an f or fe you change the f to a v and add s. For fe you do the same. One of my favorite rules is “Batch of Fudge.” I like this rule because I got to eat some fudge.

Spelling and reading have gotten a lot better than 3rd grade. I have learned everything from Mrs. B. The fun parts at tutor are playing games with some rules in them. We also get stickers that are fuzzy, shiny, and other different kinds.

I feel good because I’m getting better in school and I have more confidence in my work and self. Thank you for teaching me all of the rules.

March 2008

WSEA, Becky Bewersdorf and the Wilson Program have changed our lives for the better. Our son struggled with reading and writing. As his mom, I knew something was wrong, but was always told “He’s a boy, he’ll grow out of it”. In second grade with the help of a teacher we started getting help for our son, but he still struggled. His reading was almost two grade levels below where it should have been. Even with the help he was getting at school he was falling further behind. One of his teachers recommended contacting WSEA. Over the past 2 1/2 years Becky has worked with our son and his reading and writing has improved tremendously. His teachers now talk about how confident he is, he even raises his hand in class to read out loud!
I wouldn’t say he loves school, but there are no more tears or tummy aches to get out of going to school. Reading is still not his favorite subject, but he now has the skills to rely on to get him thru any struggles he might encounter. With WSEA and Becky’s help he has become a successful student. Thank You!


February 2008

After over 3 years of various summer tutors, trying to work within the school district for support, and hours of tears and frustration in futile attempts to help my son reach grade level skills, I was recommended by another parent to contact WSEA. From the beginning, Becky B. has worked patiently and closely with me, my son, and his school to develop his learning skills. The communication and clear statement of goals set for my son has been excellent. In my opinion, the recommended Wilson Program has been the key that unlocked the learning potential in my son that I knew in my heart was always there. Not only has he made huge strides in graded work performance working at grade level, he has gained confidence in himself and what he can achieve.

I’m so thrilled with the WSEA program, staff, and approach, I have enrolled my HS junior into their ACT Test Prep Program.

Thank you for helping me help my son.


January 2008

My son has had a successful experience with West Suburban Educational Associates. Thanks to you for providing the necessary academic support he may have needed. It is important to motivate him to work hard and strive for excellence. My son is in Honors Math and Project Idea program. Thanks for tutoring my son for many years. I will recommend your organization to my friends.

Mrs. Mao

December 2007

Our son started working with WSEA in the spring of 2006 when he was in 5th grade. At that time he was really struggling with reading comprehension, math, and word problems on tests for any subject. His grades were very inconsistent, he hated school, and he felt incompetent. We knew he was not working at his full potential. Our son is a bright, curious, articulate child with ADD/ADHD. We tried other tutors who were helpful to a point, but just could not find the key to help him unlock all of his potential. After working with Nicole at WSEA since the fall of his 6th grade year, our son’s grades have excelled to As and Bs. He enjoys the challenges of school and with it his self-esteem for his academic accomplishments has soared. He is a more confident student with better test-taking and study skills. He now has desire to do well in school and takes a lot of pride and ownership of his grades. It is a full turn-around to what he was experiencing prior to working with WSEA and Nicole! Thank you for helping our son.

“The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” ~ Michelangelo


July 2007

Thank you so much for this summer’s tutoring program for my kids. My son had a phenomenal blossoming experience with your instructor. She is a gem, wow, what a great educator! She has more energy than anyone I know and her enthusiasm towards learning was contagious. My son loved her. We all did! My daughter also loved her teacher. She was personable and had a real feel for my daughter’s strengths and weaknesses….Thanks for a great summer!


August 2006

I just want to thank you for the wonderful impact you and your tutors have had on my son. He has an end of August birthday and being the youngest in his class, has at times, made things a little more difficult for him. In 5th grade his teacher said that all he needed was more confidence in his abilities and she recommened WSEA. We started private tutoring during the 3rd semester of 5th grade and saw an amazing transformation occur. My son blossomed into an enthusiastic, focused student. He looked forward to going to his tutoring sessions and always came out walking a little taller with a big smile on his face. The tutor focused on math, general organizational and study skills. He finished the year with his best report card ever, 5 A’s (at a Catholic school)! He was so proud of his achievements and now thinks of himself as a good student.

I am so impressed with your tutoring style and the confidence-building that occurs in each session. My son significantly improved his math skills in a short period of time. He even enjoyed attending tutoring during the summer which I never expected. This speaks to the kindness, caring and great skill of you and your tutors.

Thanks so much for unlocking his potential. As often as we tried to build him up, he needed an outside expert to help him realize his abilities and gifts.

May God bless you and your tutors for the work you do.


April 2006

We would like you to know how very pleased we are with the progress our daughter has been making since you began working with her! Her reading fluency has really improved and she has gained so much needed self confidence!

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the effort, personal care and attention you put into everything you do! She always leaves her sessions with improved skills, a smile on her face and a positive attitude!

Jerad and Rachel

The great staff of West Suburban Education Center,
I’m so happy for all those who helped my daughter at your center. In two months she earned the “honor roll” plus getting her study habits. She is in great shape. Thanks.

P.S. Camille Jones, thanks, and Becky, thanks, and the great math teacher, thanks.

Mr. Jang

Thank you for all that you have done for our son. You have made such a difference in his life. He enjoys reading, he is confident and he is excited about learning. We would like to keep in touch with you as he continues in school. Thank you again.

Mrs. B.

We are just thrilled with our son’s continuing improvement in his reading recognition, comprehension and fluency. You have been a constant in his development for the last 2.5 years and it’s because of that he has made such great progress. The Wilson program that you are using with our son has really given him tools to use and apply while reading. He finally has methods that help him overcome his dyslexic tendencies.

Our son looks forward to his two meetings with you a week and is always more confident after each tutoring session. Your program has helped him mature and begin to truly believe in himself. He is now excited about reading and will pick up a book and read all on his own.

We can’t thank you enough for your support and care. You are our son’s reading Mentor not just a tutor.


Ever since my son began attending the After School Clinic, his confidence in himself and his school work has soared! The progress we have seen in his grades on his last two report cards is amazing, and the pride he feels in himself is priceless. Choosing to send my son to West Suburban Education Associates was the best decision we could have made. I have recommended them to several friends and will continue to do so.


I have four children, two who are now completing college successfully. Each of them has had a successful experience with West Suburban Educational Associates. Both the ACT and High school preparatory courses helped to improve their scores dramatically. Tutoring through the school year provided the necessary academic support they may have needed. But even more importantly West Suburban, (especially Camille Jones) helped them to reach their own unique potential in such a positive and caring manner. Camille calmly provided wisdom and friendship in helping them to reach their goals.


Our daughter, Mary, was referred to WSEA for help with study skills and math. Mary had been diagnosed with ADD in kindergarten and really benefited from the assistance provided over the years by the instructors at WSEA, especially Becky Bewersdorf and Camille Jones. Mary attended WSEA during elementary school for after school tutoring and summer programs in study skills and math. During high school, Mary attended WSEA for after school homework help in algebra and geometry.

My husband and I were always impressed by the ability of the instructors at WSEA to clarify and reinforce what our child had learned in school during the day. The summer programs were especially helpful in keeping Mary on task academically during the summer break. Over the years, I have recommended WSEA to numerous friends for after school tutoring and summer programs and will continue to do so in the future.


May 2009

I would like to give a heartfelt THANK YOU to Becky Bewersdorf for her hard work and dedication, not only with my child but all the children. When I first contacted WSEA 2 years ago, my daughter was far behind her grade level academically. After working with her for several months Becky suggested having her tested by a learning disability specialist. Long story short, after many tests, doctors and specialists, my daughter was diagnosed ADD-Inattentive. We finally knew what the “problem” was and focused on how to help her. The Wilson program worked wonders for reading recognition, fluency and comprehension. She now has the learning tools and study skills which she can rely on. Today my daughter is on track, thriving and has confidence as she moves onto 5th grade. We are so thankful to have had Becky’s knowledge, encouragement and support the past 2 years.