WSEA Tutoring - Tutoring for K-12 Students


Policies for After School Program

No make up classes will be given for semi-private tutoring. There will be no refund for semi-private classes, but make up work will be given. Make up work may also be taken for a planned absence or vacation. For private tutoring, a maximum of one credit per month will be given providing cancellation is done in advance. A make up class may be offered in the event of multiple absences for private tutoring.

If any staff member is ill, a qualified substitute will teach. If you have any questions about policy or your child’s progress please give us a call.

Policies for Summer Program

A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required for each class. Tuition payment is due the first day of class. Diagnostic testing is optional. Testing fee, if any, is due at the time of testing. Checks should be payable to West Suburban Educational Associates. No credit is given for any summer classes missed.

Private students will be offered a make-up session for classes missed. Private students pay $25 materials fee for the summer.

Written progress reports will be sent home twice, once in mid-session and again at the end of the program.

Policies for Tuition

Tuition is due in full the beginning of each month/session. If payment is not received by the 7th of the month, a $25 fee is charged for late payment. Missed sessions due to illness will be rescheduled. Refunds are not given.

If a student does not show up for a session the full fee will be applied and no make up session offered.